Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Elizabethtown expands smoking ban to e-cigarettes

The Elizabethtown City Council has expanded its 12-year-old ban ban on smoking in public places to include electronic cigarettes, at the request of the Lincoln Trail District Health Department.

“We approached the council about banning e-cigs because they still contain toxic gases and tiny particles that irritate the eyes and lungs,” health department spokesman Donny Gill said. “Also, the vapor does contain nicotine and is addictive and contributes to cardiovascular problems.”

"Gill said studies also have shown secondhand e-cigarette vapor is dangerous," Mary Alford reports for The News-Enterprise. "He said the vapor contains gases that contribute to heart and lung disease. Gill said children exposed to the vapor over time can develop asthma, colds and eczema."

Gill said, “The majority of the research has indicated that e-cigs are harmful to both the user and the bystander. So, when people use these devices to get around the existing smoking laws, they are still putting the health of others at risk. E-cigs and vape devices are not a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Also, they are not approved as a method to quit smoking. The vast majority of e-cig users also still use traditional cigarettes.”

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