Thursday, October 25, 2012

CaldWELL County group campaigns for smoking ban

A committee dedicated to the wellness of Caldwell County, which makes the most of the county's name, is pushing for a smoking ban. The CaldWELL Committee's internal acronym stands for Wellness Education through Local Leadership, and members did some of that Tuesday when the group asked the county Fiscal Court for an ordinance banning cigarette smoking indoors in public buildings. The group was joined by representatives from the local health department, housing authority, Extension office, law enforcement, education, emergency services, mental health, senior services and other public and private agencies, reports Jared Nelson of The Times Leader.

The committee has been collecting survey data from residents about their health perceptions and needs. Their request to the fiscal court is a direct result of that data, said Allison Beshear, health educator and public information officer with the Pennyrile District Health Department. In Caldwell County, about 27 percent of adults are identified as smokers. That number is down from 34 percent reported in the results of a 2008-10 survey. The Times-Leader is behind a paywall. To credit an account, go here.

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  1. Smoking bans really help to bring down the smoking percentage, there is no doubt that people are either quitting this habit or moving to alternatives to have a healthy life.