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Thanks Well Deserved
By Kay Presson, Editor, The Carlisle Weekly, June 16, 2016
I would like to use this means and opportunity to say “thank you” to Bardwell Mayor Phillip King and the Bardwell City Council Members for passing Ordinance 105-2016. This relates to the establishment of the First Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force and the City of Bardwell participating. They have joined with Hickman, Ballard and Fulton County as well as Carlisle County and the cities of Fulton, Hickman, Clinton and LaCenter. By joining forces to curb the sale of illegal drugs and misuse of prescription drugs, it will save lives. One of the drugs, methamphetamine, is very deadly. Following are many of the deadly ingredients. A number of the ingredients commonly used in creating meth are extremely toxic:
·         Acetone- This is found in nail polish remover and paint thinners
·         Lithium- From batteries
·         Toluene- solvent used as fuel additive, in paint thinners, nail polish, brake cleaner
·         Hydrochloric acid- Highly corrosive mineral acid used to remove rust from steel and refine metal
·         Pseudoephedrine- found in cold medications
·         Red Phosphorus- found in explosives such as road flares and on matchboxes
·         Sodium hydroxide- also known as lye, in drain cleaners
·         Sulfuric acid- found in toilet bowl and drain cleaners
·         Anhydrous ammonia- found in fertilizer and countertop cleaner
·         Lantern fuel or lighter fluid
·         Ether found in starting fluid
·         Antifreeze
·         Iodine crystals
In my humble opinion, I truly believe that Satan will do anything to destroy God’s creation of humans. Therefore, I do believe that methamphetamine is destructive … meth is death.
In conclusion, thank you to the City of Bardwell and everyone involved in the passage of this ordinance. This will definitely help to save many lives.

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