Thursday, June 1, 2017

Heroin gets the headlines, but meth is Ky.'s biggest illegal drug

Heroin has been getting the headlines, because of overdoses, but the resurgence of a near-pure form of methamphetamine has made meth the most common illegal drug in Kentucky, reports Miranda Combs of Lexington's WKYT-TV: "One out of three cases studied at the state lab is crystal meth."

Jeremy Triplett, a supervisor at the state forensic laboratory, told Combs, "It's all crystalline now. You never see just the really junky meth we used to see. You can clearly see there's a bigger industry at play. Meth is clearly the number one drug in Kentucky right now."

Richmond Police Commander Bob Mott told Combs that crystal meth from Mexico has "driven the price down and put the lab people out of business." He said his department seizes twice as much meth as heroin.

Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird told Combs that the drug is "more addictive than the stuff we saw years ago," and is called "ice" because it looks like ice crystals.  "He said it makes users paranoid," Combs reports. "In the last year, the number of foot pursuits and car chases skyrocketed for Williamsburg police."

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