Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Weekly newspaper in Woodford County keeps a spotlight on the local drug problem, but also on someone in recovery

The two headlines at the top of last week's front page of The Woodford Sun were a reminder of the depth, breadth and impact of the opioid epidemic: "Woodford County drug overdoses up from last year" and "Recovering addict shares her journey to getting clean." The locally owned Sun has been forthright about covering the problem, publishing a five-part series on it last year.

Angie Stewart (Woodford Sun photo)
Its latest major story spotlights the story of Angie Stewart, 46, who has been in recovery for 12 years. Writer Bob Vlach reports that she started using around the time she dropped out of her senior year in high school, and went into recovery after "nearly dying of an overdose and being arrested for stealing a car. A felony conviction became Stewart's opportunity to get into Woodford County Drug Court - and finally get clean."

The Sun's stories are behind a paywall, but you can download our PDF of the latest two here.

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